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Why a CV?

So that we can prepare the best MSPE letter for you.

Download the form here:

2017 CV Form

Please submit an electronic copy of this form to Kat Chiacchia in

Student Affairs.

**To help construct your CV, you can request a free copy of your AMCAS application in writing or email: amcasexceptions@aamc.org or 202-828-0600. Provide your name, address, DOB, entering application year, signature, and AAMC ID and password. If you are a dual degree candidate, you must request this now, as they only keep applications for 5 years from May 2016.


**The CV form is due April 1, 2017. It should be submitted electronically to Kat at kac6n@virginia.edu.

If you need assistance, contact Kat Chiacchia in Student Affairs (434) 924-2133 or kac6n@virginia.edu.




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