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Vital Signs Letters of Recommendation


ERAS-Specific Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation:

** Please ask your letter writers to hold your letter until you send them the Eras Letter Request Form, after you register in Eras in May.**

In Eras: For each letter author you create in Eras, select "Step 3". Select "Letter Request Form". This creates a physician/student specific Eras Letter ID number. Letter writers or assistants will upload them directly into Eras. You can email this form or submit by hard copy to the letter author.

Procedure for Uploading LOR's: https://www.aamc.org/students/medstudents/eras/

LOR Portal User Guide for letter writers new to this procedure.

*You are responsible for checking the status of which letters have been uploaded by faculty or received by Student Affairs. Once you have registered with Eras, you can track the status of your letters in the ADTS tab (Applicant Document Tracking System).

General Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation:

You are responsible for obtaining 3 faculty letters of recommendation.

Letters can be transmitted online anytime AFTER you have registered.




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