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July 2017 

NRMP Agreement

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After you have registered with ERAS, you will register with the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)
online September 15th.

The fee will be $70 this year, so you can factor that into your financial planning. To avoid the $50 late fee, register by November 30.


Click here to go to the March issue of the Vital Signs to determine what types of programs are using the ERAS system this year and check out the Vocabulary section to familiarize yourself with what the differences are between types of programs (categorical vs. prelim etc.). Do thoroughly research programs before you apply to them via ERAS. You should find out application requirements and deadlines. Some programs have provided Web addresses and they are listed in MyERAS.

bullet If you still have not done it, get your photographs now. You will want to dress in interview attire!!! You will need digital photos (one for ERAS and one for the Yearbook).

Gitchell's (gives a generous discount!), K-Mart, and F-Stop Photo (Seminole Square) all offer nice deals, but you are certainly welcome to use whomever you like.

bulletLetters of recommendation are due by
(your ERAS application is not considered complete until all of your letters of recommendation are received)


bulletERAS-Specific Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation:

** Please ask your letter writers to HOLD your letter until you send them the Eras Letter Request Form, after you register with Eras. Send them both the LoR Policy Applicants & LoR Policy Authors forms that were sent to you.

Eras Method: For each letter author you create in Eras, select "Step 3". Select "Letter Request Form". This creates a physician/student specific Eras Letter ID number. Letter writers or assistants will then upload directly into Eras. You can email this form or submit by hard copy to the letter author.

Procedure for Uploading LOR's:

LOR Portal User Guide for letter writers new to this procedure.

You are responsible for checking the status of which letters have been uploaded by faculty, using MyERAS. Once you have registered with Eras, you can track the status of your letters.

**The ERAS software will not allow you to send more than 4 letters of recommendation to one program. Most programs require 3 letters. Be sure to follow the specific instructions from each program - do NOT send them more than the requested number of letters**

MyERAS User Guide: For directions in the ERAS application, refer to the online User Guide (link above) which is available to download. Please remember that you cannot make changes to the Common Application Form itself after it is certified. You can update My Profile to add awards, programs etc..., and you can change your document assignments. You can add programs after you certify for an additional fee.


Applicants should thoroughly research specific program offerings, and find out application requirements and deadlines prior to submitting your application. Web addresses for some programs are available in MyERAS. Also, please review "ERAS Policies" for information about submitting complete and accurate information.

The Programs tab in MyERAS will be available to all applicants starting July 1st. This will enable you to prepare for actually applying, by searching for programs, selecting those you are interested in, and assigning documents.


Program Interview Reminders


bulletCompleted applications & faculty letters of recommendation for all programs (ERAS & NON-ERAS) should be transmitted by September 15th

bulletBe sure to call & cancel interviews if you cannot keep the appointment. This is very important for the School of Medicine

bulletPlan to send a thank you note expressing your appreciation after the interview




Remember to use & bookmark the Student Source web site!. Use it to access FREIDA, AAMC, NRMP, ERAS & other residency information. Just click on Residency Information on the home page.


AMCAS Application Copy

For a FREE copy of your AMCAS application from the last 5 years of entering classes - contact:
Fax: (202) 828-1120

Provide: Your name, current mailing address, date of birth, the entering class year to which you applied, your signature, and AAMC user name and password.




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