Vital Signs

February 2008 

Why Be Here for Match Week ? (PPDs, Class Meeting, Win Money, Party!!!)


Rank Order Crisis

due to the disproportionate number of students who have not entered rank lists yet! 32% of your class has not entered rank lists. Things to remember:

You can rank up to 20 programs at no charge. If you certify a rank order list with more than 20 programs (or more than 30 if you a couples matching) extra fees will be due at the time of certification.

NO ONE can see your Rank Order List but you, not Student Affairs and not a program.

A Match is a contract, so if you don't want to go there, DO NOT rank them.


If you wait until the last minute and encounter problems with the web site, you could wait your way right out of a residency! There are no provisions or exceptions made for server problems. Remember, you can make changes to your list until the deadline, 9:00 pm Eastern Time on Wednesday Feb. 27th, even after you certify it. So, be sure to certify it when you enter your Rank Order List, and each and every time time you go into your list thereafter. Whether you make a change or not. If you fail to certify and/or recertify your rank list, you will not be included in the Match! Any questions please call the NRMP toll free at 1-866-617-5838.

If you need to withdraw from the Match (early Match participants included) please contact Ginny Atwell before Wednesday Feb. 27th.

Graduation Questionnaire (2 parts)

It's a great idea to link your entering of the Rank Order List, to filling out the Graduation Questionnaire. It's your chance to make your voice heard, anonymously, and express all that you liked and didn't like about your time here at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. This is how change is effected. The Graduation Questionnaire will ask you for a token number and you should use: 83U6vP.

Completion of both parts of the Graduation Questionnaire are required for graduation and need to be completed by Match Day! Don't delay -- do it today!





MATCH DAY / WEEK calendar

For a break down of the events (release dates, the "Scramble", Match Day, etc.) during Match Week, March 17-21, see the November '07 Vital Signs Update.


Do NOT call

On Monday, March 17th, log on to the NRMP after 12 noon to verify that you did match. Please do not call Student Affairs for your Match Status.


However, if you DO NOT match, contact Student Affairs immediately. 434-924-5579

All information is available on the NRMP web site. If you are not in Charlottesville and don't have access to the Internet, you can designate someone to check for you.






Monday, March 17th: Administer PPDs 1-3pm at Student Health and Read PPDs on Thursday, March 20, 9-10am or 1-3pm at Student Health.
***NOTE: 4th year students (Class of 2008) must have PPD results read by graduation (deadline: May 1st, 2008). Any students who do not have this done during Match week can go to Student Health M-W or Friday's 9-12 and 2-4 pm to have PPDs placed.

Reminder: Graduation Questionnaire (both parts) to be done by Match Day.


Thursday, March 20th, 10:30am-11:30am: Class Meeting in Old Medical School Auditorium. PPD's will be read at Student Health 9-10am or 1-3pm


Thursday, March 20th, 12 noon: Match Day Ceremony !!!- envelopes with the Match results will be passed out to the entire class.


Win MONEY! It's UVA, so you know that there has got to be some kind of time honored and revered tradition to follow as part of this grand rite of passage. ALL current students (including military & early match) will receive a results envelope. Names will be called randomly, one at a time, and each student puts $1 in a box when they come forward to receive their envelope. The student whose name is called last gets the money in the box! What a great tradition!


Medical Alumni will again host a reception for you and a guest to celebrate the day. The reception will be from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. and will be held at the Colonnade Club! (located in Pavillion VII).




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