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Selectives - Internal Medicine (2 2-weeks; total 4 weeks required- SMD14) NOT OFFERED -SMD15

Acute Cardiology Inpatient Service (Oasis S26d) 1644

Pulmonary Selective (Oasis S42c) 1645

Infectious Disease Selective (Oasis S36d) 1646
Digestive Health Inpatient Service (Oasis S30c) 1647
Coronary Care Unit Inpatient Service (Oasis S26e) 1648
Medical Intensive Care Unit (Oasis S20n) 1649
Geriatrics and Palliative Care (Oasis S32e) 1650
Cardiovascular Emergencies (Oasis S26f) 1651
General Medicine Consult Service Selective (Oasis S20p) 1520
Clinical Scene Investigation - Rheumatology Selective (Oasis S44c) 1653
Asthma, Allergy & Clinical Immunology Selective (Oasis S24b) 1654
Hematology Consult Selective (Oasis S34e) 1655
Endocrinology and Metabolism Selective (Oasis S28b) 1656
Nephrology Selective (Oasis S38d) 1657
Inpatient Hematolgy/Oncology Selective (Oasis S34f) 1658

Electrophysiology Consult Service Selective (Oasis S26g) 1660