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Number: (Oasis - S58c) 2205

Rotation Supervisor: Dr. Katy Fedder

Available: Clerkship Periods 1-4

Duration: 2 weeks

Report to: Otolaryngology Chief Resident

Time to Report: 6:45 am

Place to Report: A.M. Rounds 6 West

Course Description: The objective of the Otolaryngology Subspecialty is to provide the student with a broad overview of the field of otolaryngology through required reading, participation in the clinics, assisting in the operating rooms, attending lectures and developing fundamental otolaryngology examination, diagnostic and technical skills. The student is expected to manifest their intellectual curiosity through extensive, self directed reading of the disease processes that they encounter while on the rotation. Both the housestaff and the attending physicians will direct reading to those sources of information which represent contemporary 'best of practice' resources. The student will attend morning rounds and present those patients for whom they are caring.


  • Attending lectures: The attending physicians have composed, within their area of speciality, designated lectures for the medical students. These lectures form core information for the student. These lectures will be given at time slots determined by the respective attending, to be given as their clinic and surgical schedule allows, either on a regularly scheduled or floating basis.
  • Resident lectures/teaching: The resident physicians are a critical component of the student educational experience. The residents provide formal lectures and extemporaneous lectures in the clinics and operating rooms.