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Number: (Oasis - S50b) 1803

Rotation Supervisor: Dr. Ashok Asthagiri

Available: Rotations 1 - 12

Duration: 2 weeks

Report to: 6 West Neurosurgery Conference Room

Time to Report: 6:00 am

Place to Report: 6 West Neurosurgery Conference Room

Typical day: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Number of students per rotation: 4

Course Description: This rotation is designed to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of and in depth practical experience with Neurosurgery that will be useful to all participating physicians regardless of future discipline chosen. Under the mentorship of a world renowned faculty as well as its resident staff, students will be exposed to a busy clinical service caring for a patient population harboring the entire spectrum of neurosurgical diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Any interested student is welcome and general learning objectives will be met during this rotation. However, the experience can be tailored to an individual's goals whether it be targeted by someone with career aspirations in Neurosurgery or focused for a particular future specialty (such as Pediatric Neursurgery for those interested in a career in Pediatrics or Spine Surgery for those interested in a career in Orthopaedic Surgery).

Students will participate in both the outpatient and inpatient care of neurosurgical patients. The complete spectrum of adult and pediatric neurosurgery is available to the rotating student. There are a variety of outpatient clinics available each day of the week including complex spine, general neurosurgery, neuro-endocrine, pediatric neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, functional/epilepsy, and neuro-vascular. Students are encouraged to participate in two clinics per week of their choosing. The Neurosurgical Service maintains a busy operative schedule and students have the opportunity to scrub in on any operation that interests them. Students are also encouraged to take in-house call one in four nights and participate in consults and emergent operative cases. Students are given appropriate graduated responsibilities commensurate with their interests and level of expertise.

There are four teaching conferences per week, 2 on Wednesdays and 2 on Saturdays. Students are encouraged to participate in these sessions and they are designed to stimulate thought and discussion. An optional journal club meets every Sunday. Additionally, the faculty and chief residents will work with each medical student to ensure the learning objectives are met through formal didactic teaching sessions and through informal teaching during rounds, clinic or in the operating room.