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UVa/Health System ID


A Health System ID badge is issued in August and will be valid for all semesters that a student is registered. Students are encouraged to carry their ID card with them at all times as it can be used for check cashing and check writing purposes at most establishments.

Students are required to wear their Health System ID badges whenever they are in the the University of Virginia School of Medicine and in clinical areas. A patient has a right to know the name and status of the various people participating in his/her care. The Health System ID is also required to enter certain buildings during the day and after 5 pm and on weekends (MEB, Jordan). Security guards may check anyone's ID at night who is in any of the medical school/hospital buildings.

The Health System ID can serve as the UVA ID at athletic and cultural events.


Replacement IDs

For replacement of Health System IDs, first get a replacement form from Student Affairs and then take the signed form and a photo ID to the Security Office. Phone: 924-5048. There is a fee charged for lost IDs.


Problems with Card-Readers

Go to the Security Office (1st floor, West Complex) and have them check your magnetic strip.

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