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Phone Calls, Fax Needs, etc.


The unauthorized use of a Forced Authorization Code (access number) to make a long distance telephone call is a violation of University regulations. Each individual long distance call is charged to the account of the person to whom the access number was issued. Receiving the access number from a resident or fellow student and being told that it is all right to use the number for long distance calls does not exonerate one from responsibility. Such violations fall within the purview of the University Judiciary Committee.

Calls concerning clerkships or electives at Salem, Richmond or Fairfax may be made without charge from the Office for Student Affairs. However, those calls must be placed by personnel in the Office for Student Affairs and not directly by the student.

Faxes can be sent from the Copy Center located in Hospital West, room 1186 (924-5681) M-F 8-5.

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