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Oasis provides many functions, depending on your role and status. Faculty and students engaged in the Foundations of Medicine and Core Systems courses will use it primarily for checking course schedules. Faculty and students engaged in the clerkships, selectives and electives will use it primarily for evaluations and grading. Below is a brief introduction to each for faculty.

Schedules: To check your personal schedule, login via the link below, then click the "Calendar" button in the main menu bar. You navigate by week using the < > symbols bracketing the date in the title, or by clicking the calendar icon to quickly jump to any date. By default you will see all events for all courses. Click on the "View" button in the upper left to select either "Show My Events" (which shows only events in which you are an instructor), or Show all events for either Core Systems courses and/or Foundations of Medicine courses. The "Page Filter" button gives you the option of filtering events by specific course, or instructional method (lecture, lab, etc.). The "Export" button allows you to export calendar data so that you can import it into your desktop calendar program (e.g. Outlook, iCal, etc.). The "Print" button produces a PDF file of the layout on screen. You can get more information about any event by clicking the "i" in the black triangle in the corner of each event.

Evaluations: Evaluations in Oasis are currently only deployed for clerkships, selectives and electives. Future plans are to expand Oasis evaluations into the basic science courses. Faculty are sent email reminders on Monday mornings if they have evaluations due. The emails include a link that will go to the evaluations to be completed after logging in. Faculty can also access teaching evaluations by students by clicking on the "Faculty Evaluations" tab, or evaluations of the course(s) in which they teach by clicking the "Course Evaluations" tab. Students' evaluations are only released after faculty have completed their own evaluations, and grades are posted within Oasis. The "Show..." button gives access to prior years' evaluations.

Support questions for Oasis should be directed to mededweb@virginia.edu.

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